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Astronomy: alignment of seven planets and the Moon, a rare phenomenon, visible to the naked eye until June 27

 There is still time to observe the alignment of seven planets of our solar system and the Moon, it lasts until June 27th. It is enough to look up at night towards the sky in the direction of the East. You can even help yourself with an app. This phenomenon will not happen again before 2124.

"The great parade of the planets", an exceptional phenomenon that can be all observe since June 14 and until June 27, 2022 from Earth.

VSAs the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculation explains on its website (IMCCE)it is a "grouping in the sky of eight solar system objects: the Moon and the other 7 planets, all rows on the west side of the Sun. It will thus be possible to see them all simultaneously just before sunrise. The observation of the brightest planets, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, will present no particular difficulty. It will not be the same for the other planets, of weaker brightness, whose proximity to the Sun will require the use of an optical aid.".

In Vigneulles-lès-Hattonchâtel, in the Meuse, an astronomy enthusiast, whose amateur observatory has one of the largest European telescopes open to the public, explains to us what we can observe and the conditions for doing so. : "First, it needs a clear night, without clouds and preferably without light pollution. If you are in town, try to find a place away from streetlights."

To enjoy the show, you have to look at the sky towards the East. Around 1 a.m. Saturn is the first planet to appear

Marc Kaschminski, Côtes de Meuse Telescope Association


To enjoy the show, you have to look at the sky towards the East. Around 1 a.m., Saturn will be the first planet to appear. It will be followed by Neptune, Jupiter, Marchvisible to the naked eye, because very brilliant. The moon will come between Jupiter and March. Venus and Mercury will appear before dawn, but will only be visible if you are equipped to observe them. The last will be the sun which rises between 5 and 6 am in mainland France.

To prepare for the observation, Marc Kaschminsky advises to use an application that can also be found on the web,Stellarium a free planetarium software, to display the sky in 3D in real time. We can also use the tool to see the planets and the milky way as we will be able to see them by choosing the schedule. Even more fun, you can see the trajectory of the planets in real time or accelerated.It's a kind of virtual planetarium that you can pilot yourself.

The Côtes de Meuse observatory is a reference in the region. Mark Kaschminsky, an astronomy enthusiast for more than 40 years, regularly opens his giant telescope for the public to enjoy. A telescope that he built himself for 10 years and which is at the bottom of his garden. For him, the most fascinating planet is Jupiter. Besides, he is preparing for another event the eclipses of Io and Ganymedetwo of Jupiter's satellites that will cast their shadows on the planet on August 9, 2022.

The alignment of the planets in our solar system will not happen again until 2124.



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